Balance out crushed velvet culottes

OEM Polyester Minimatt-01
OEM Polyester Minimatt-01
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Like city-based designer Karishma Kristina Singh for instance.Not everyone has takers for the trend. “I’m unlikely to use it in any of my collections. “Velvet culottes can be styled with a classic white, deconstructed shirt. You can apparently add a touch of vintage to your wedding trousseau – velvet bardot blouses ala Manish Malhotra, heavily embellished velvet lehengas, dupattas, velvet bandhgalas for men and velvet mojaris even!Slip into a classic black, strapless velvet gown this New Year like supermodel Kendall Jenner who rocked this Ulyana Sergeenko number.

I think it’s a great fabric for evening wear,” she says, still doe-eyed for supermodel Cara Delevigne’s luxury velvet jumpsuit. And the best part? They are no longer restricted to gowns or dresses. So, keep the fabric flowing,” she says.Since the statuesque fabric does most of the talking, adding a shot of colour will only dampen its spirit. Structured styles don’t necessarily work well. “You could also team your look with oxidised or antique jewellery,” adds Meera, about adding a festive touch.Calendars overflowing with holiday parties and weddings, but don’t want to slip into the same ol’ sequins and shimmer? Say hello to winter’s lush new favourite, velvet! If you haven’t already noticed, this luxe fabric that has everyone from Balmain to Sabyasachi Mukherjee nodding in approval, is having a major fashion moment. According to city-based stylist Sonia Ajit Prasad, velvets today come in a lot of young, cool styles.

“Velvet, according to me, looks better on slimmer, more fitted silhouttes as it is a rather bulky fabric. If you are looking for a breezier style, a shift dress paired with neon or white sneakers works well,” advices Sonia.Add a hint of sophistication with an androgynous velvet blazer.Why not peep into the trend with luxurious heels?While the fabric oozes opulence and borders on OTT polyester Tent Fabric (over the top), if you’re not looking at being too risqué or suffocating in its richness, add just a hint of it with a velvet clutch, platform heels or a svelte choker. “Deep colours like midnight blue, emerald green, wines or even a few pastels work well. If that isn’t your style either, balance it out with neutrals. We give you a lowdown on how to live the velvet dream this season. Balance out crushed velvet culottes with a white tee and sneakers. Just because Gossip Girl Blake Lively, rocked a yellow, velvet Valentino dress, doesn’t mean all of us, mere mortals can. However, it is definitely a hot trend this season,” she states. “For instance, velvet culottes, off-shouldered tops, velvet bomber jackets and shift dresses are all hot right now,” she says.Leading ladies like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma have been generously experimenting with the plush product, and if fashion circles must have a say, you can apparently do justice to it too. Bengaluru fashion designer Meera Nair’s advice is to keep off bright shades to avoid looking gaudy.

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